Smartphone new hidden tricks and tips

Smartphone new hidden tricks and tips


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Here I’m Abdur Rahim, with a new freshly article.In this article, I’m going to tell you some hidden tricks of smart phone.Nowadays, almost everyone use smartphone.Smartphone became a part of our life.I think, Most of you guys are want to know about smartphone hidden tricks and tips.You will glad to hire that, after reading this article, you will able to know some cool new hidden tricks and tips about smartphone.So lets begin.

First tricks – There are a lots of website has been banned by your gov’t or internet service provider.In this case, most of you probably use VPN to prevent of                      it.But as a alternative, I’ll share a cool tricks to access banned website.There is an alternative of Vpn called “proxy”.There are a lots of website is                      available who provide free proxy server.One of them is “”.By clicking below the link, you will be redirect to their website.After opening                        their website, Now enter those banned link on the blank box.And click on “Visit Anonymously”.Then, you will see the banned website has                                opened.

Hide me




Second tricks – In this second tricks I’m going to tell you that, how to block any website on your phone.If you are getting a lot of notification from any                                   website through Chrome Bowser, than might be those website irritate you.On the other hand, there are lots of pornography website which                             can be easily access by your phone.Now you want that “nobody shouldn’t access on this kind of website by your phone”.Than, I would like                             to say that, this tricks probably can help you.Because, by the using this tricks nobody can’t access those particular website through your                                 phone.

First of all you have to download a app form play store.This app name is BlockSite. Using this website you can easily block any website.If you                          get any trouble while instilling this app, just follow my video tutorial, Which is given below.



3rd tricks – Now let me ask you a question, can you access any website without internet.I know, all of you guys are know this answer.The answer is                                  “NO”.Basically, If anyone want’s to access any website , than those person have to be require internet connection.

But I’m going to tell you a tricks.Which is, you can access any website offline without any kind of internet connection. For this tricks, you don’t                        require any kind of apps of website.Because, It’s a features of chrome bowser.When you visit a website through chrome bowser,than you                                probably notice a offline icon beside the url bar.Now if you want to visit those website offline.Than you have to click of this offline button.After                      some second, there will be a download button pop up.Now you have download this offline file.Whenever you want to visit those website                                without any internet connection, just open the downloaded file.Than, you will see the website will be open without any kind of internet                                  connection.




4th tricks – This is the last tricks of our article.In this tricks I’m going to tell you how to take full screenshot of any website.There are a lot of apps is                                  available, which have features of taking full screenshot of any website.But we are not going to use any kind of app to take screenshot.We will                        take help from a website, which provide of full webpage screenshot service.This is absolutely free.Click on the below and you will redirect to this                    website.The website name is “Capture full page”.When you visit their website, you will see a box as same as “” website.Now put the link                      on the box of those website,which you want to take full screenshot.After than, Click on submit.After some time you will see a picture of those                        website.You can also download the picture by clicking on download button.





Capture full page



Article writer: Abdur Rahim.


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