How to see currency exchange rate easily.

How to see currency exchange rate easily


Many people are travel in several region.As usual currency is the only way to consumption ‍all over the world.As well as people concern to know about currency exchange rate on abroad.

In this blog I’m going to show you a trick.If you use this trick you’ll able to see the currency exchange rate easily.Without farther do let’s begin.

A lot of people used to saw currency exchange rate using apps witch you get easily from play store.But I would like to say, it’s isn’t a good idea now.Because app’s doesn’t show the exact rate of currency.So, If you want to know the the exact currency rate of any country just use google.

Yes, You heard right.You can use google for see currency exchange rate of any country.

First, search on google “your country’s currency name” to “changing countries currency name”.For example, I want to change Bangladeshi Taka to American dollar.For this I will search on google “taka to dollar”.

In order to pressing the search bottom the will be a page like this >

Now you have to enter the value however you want to exchange on your currency’s name box.After putting the value on those particular box you will be the exchange rate of another countries currency.

That how you could easily see the exchange rate of any country’s easily.

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