How to make Palestine Poster using Picsart

How to make Palestine Poster using Picsart

Picsart is a very famous photo editing app. This app is specially made for mobile user. Also this app have a lot of features.

However, most of people use Picsart just to edit their photo. But most of people also don’t know that picsart provide a amazing features which can be use to manipulate photo as well as making poster.

Now you can easily makes poster on picsart.

Background Image


I think everybody have decent idea about current situation of Palestine vs Israel. Most of people are supporting Palestine and minority people are supporting Palestine. If you are a Muslim than you most probably supporting Palestine.

If you’re protesting against Israel through social media than you can makes your own poster by following this tutorial which link is given below. Also you need to download the Background image before watching the tutorial. Because it will be needed for making your poster.

Youtube Tutorial :-

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