How to make a free call in any number of Bangladesh

How to make a free call in any number of Bangladesh


There are a lot’s of possible way to make a call of Bangladeshis number.However, most of people’s prefer to make free call through app.There are a lot of app’s available on play store to make free call.Most of these app’s does requirement credit which you have to buy.But some of them those app have free trial.

One of these app name is Brilliant Connect

You will get this app on play store.

First of all you have to Download Brilliant Connect from play store.After than, create a account through putting your number.Than, give your first name and last name to create your account.Anyhow, the app can be ask permission.You had batter to allow all of those permission.After than, You’ll see the setting option’s on the top of these app.Click on it.If you check your balance which in belong on setting, It will show 0.

But If we put a fake nid card, we will get 10 BDT. Which will include on balance.As we as you can talk more than 30 minute’s to any local BD number.

Now It’s time to make a fake NID card of Bangladesh.



There are a lot’s of way to make fake nid card.One of the most famous method is make fake nid card through Website.Well, there is a lot’s of website are available to make fake nid card.I’ll recommend to use those website which I given below.

Click here to make fake nid card

After opening this website, click on Bangladeshi Nid card.Now fill all of those information are asking.After filling the information, now put a passport size image and give any random 13 number of those boxes.If you have fill off all information, than click on Create card.

This will takes some time to create card.After waiting some time, you will see your fake nid card.

Now go back to Brilliant Connect app.Than, go to your profile.On your profile, you will see an options “Add Document”.Click on it.

After than, A new webpage will pop up.Now you have to fill these from according to your fake nid card.

After putting those kind information, click on “SUBMIT”.Whenever, you click on submit, you’ll get 10 BDT balance.


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