How to copy text from image easily

How to copy text from image easily 

Sometime we saw something on any random image as like as quote’s,important information or something which need to rewrite the text from image and sand it to someone.But the problem is, we can’t copy directly text from image.Here I’m with a solution only for you.
We can copy image’s text by two method.First one is using apps and the second one is using website.Both of them work very well.But the problem is second method require internet connection.So for your easiness I will show you both of the method.

First Method Using Website

There is a lot of website which have OCR tools.Now many people probably don’t know what is OCR. Actually OCR full meaning is Optical character recognition.By using this tool, you can easily copy text from any type of image.As far I consider, I think this website is one of the best OCR.Open the website.In order to copy text from image, you have to open the website and press on Upload Image.

After pressing on upload image it will directly open your gallery.Chose you image from gallery.While the process will start automatically.After the process you will see the text of your image below.By clicking on copy to clipboard, all of these text will copy.After than, you can use it anywhere by paste it.

Second method using App

I already wrote at the beginning of this article, the second method don’t require any internet connecting.Here is also available a lot of several app’s.One of those is “Text Scanner” .In my opinion Text Scanner is one of the best app for copy text from image.You will find this app on google play store.But the problem is it’s not fully free.You can use it on 7 day’s free trial.The best part of this app is, it can easily detect any language sentences.There are also available another OCR app on play store.Now it’s time to know, how to use this app?

First of all, you need to download the from play store.Just open the play store and search “Text scanner”.The app will appear on the top.Download and open it.After opening the app it will ask for permission.Allow of the those permission whatever it asking.After all,On the footer of the app, you will see a ‘+’ icon.Press on it.It will take you to the gallery.Select your image.After than, the process will start automatically.However, you will get you text within a minute.That’s how you can easily copy text from image.

-Abdur Rahim

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