How to become an admin of any Facebook group.

How to become an admin of any Facebook group.


If you want to become an admin of any Group you have to follow some step which I gonna show you in this article.

It’s not easy to be an admin of any group without those group existing admin permission.We need some essential tools which will help you to become an admin of any group without existing admin permission.

You have to download 2 apps and one extension.
First app is Yendex Bowser. Second one is Rar. Both of those apps you can get easily from play store.


After Download all of those necessary equipment now it’s time to use it to hack particular Facebook group.

First of all you have to extract the file by Rar app.After extract you have to open yendex bowser. Then you need to open a TAB and type “Chrome://extensions” and press go.There will a option on the top right side.Probably name is develop option.If you find it you have enable it.

After than on the top left side you will see some new option.On those option you have to press Load Unpacked than select document.Now top of the right side press on “3 dot”. After than press show sd card.Than you have to press on side bar which belong on left side.

Now press on internal memory. After pressing that all internal memory’s folder will show up.From those folder you have find out ” Toolkit for FB” folder.Wherever you get it as well as press on it.On that folder you will see a lot of file.You have to select “mainfest.json” file.

After pressing you will came back to Yendex Bowser automatically.Now create a new tab on Yendex Bowser.Go to and login through your Facebook id /password.After login press on ‘3.’ which belong to the right bottom side.Select extension>toolkit for fb.

Whenever you press on toolkit you will see some new options.On the search bar you have to type “Claim”.Below you will see “Claim adminship of group with no admin ” Press on START TOOL”.

After that A new tab will open with some tools.While opening on the tab you need to press again on “3.” and select desktop version.Now on the new tab page wait until the page load perfectly.After load the whole page press on select all and Submit it.

Now you will be an admin of those group which doesn’t have any admin.

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