Get free money from Bkash

Get free money from Bkash


Now you can get money from bkash easily.I know, this seems like unbelievable, but after reading this article you’ll be able to get free money from bkash.

If you don’t know what is bkash, I would glade to know you that , Bkash is a mobile banking platform of Bangladesh.It’s a very famous mobile banking operator.So If you’re from Bangladesh, you are probably knew about Bkash. 

How to get Bkash free money:

Step 1 – First of you have to visit Bkash official website.I already given the link below.Now click on it.

Bkash Official Website

Step 2 – Now you have to put your Bkash number to get the free money.In order to get free money , you have to need a bkash account.Otherwise you                        won’t get it.After putting your number.Now click on next.

Step 3 – Than There will be 3 quiz you are going to face.In order to get the free money, you must have to answer those 3 quiz.But don’t worry, The quiz                     are so simple.

Step 4 –  Answer the all of those quiz by following the picture below.




Step 5 – After giving all of these quiz, now you have to click on submit.Than after sometime You’ll get 30 taka in your bkash wallet.


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