How to get easily facebook id and password of my friend

Get easily Facebook id and password of your friend

A lot people search on internet “how to get Facebook id and password of my friend”.After wasting a lot of time none of got a perfect result during following search result tutorial.But the truth is Facebook id hack is almost impossible.

Although using some techniques you can get easily id password of your friend.One of those technique I will show you in this article.

But before start I wan’t to tell you something.That is for the technique you have to apply social engineering technique on the victim.It’s all up to you.

let’s start:

First of all you have to download the app which link given below,

Download it

After downloading , install the app on victim phone.Actually the app look’s so similar of Facebook lite.But it is not.It’s just a phishing app which will save the login info on victim’s phone storage.

After installing the app you have press 3 second on “Create new account”.Than there will open a new page.Now press on register and fill random id/password but remember the id password.After that press on register,than you will see the login option.Now to have put the id/password which you create a while ago.

Now press on login and you will see a new page.On the page at the top you will see two option.fill the both of check mark.After that save and exit.Now give back the phone to the victim.

If victim login on Facebook through the phishing,his/her id password will save on his/her phone storage.

If you get a opportunity to access of your victim phone then you can get the victim’s Facebook id/password easily.

Now I gonna tell you how you can find the id/password.First you need to go to the storage of your victim phone.than there will be a folder name by fb lite.You have open the folder.Than you will find another folder on that folder.Open that also.Now you will see a file which name is phishing.Open that file and you will get the victim’s Facebook Id/Password.



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