Facebook New Hidden Tricks

Facebook New Hidden Tricks


Almost every person whom connected with internet are use Facebook.As usual if you also have a Facebook account than probably you are also glade to know some hidden tricks of Facebook.In this article I’ll tell you some hidden tricks of Facebook.

No. 1 – How to makes unlimited Facebook account.

Normally If we create a facebook account, it will require a email or phone number.As usual if you create a email through gmail, than it would require also phone number.There is a website which is provide email service also it wouldn’t require any number to create a account.The website name is Yandex.Click below to visit this website.And create a account free without any number.Than, you will see a mail options.By using this mail you can create a Facebook account easily.



No. 2 – How to create a frame and upload it on Facebook

Using mobile you can easily make a frame for Facebook.You can use Picsart to make perfect and gorgeous frame.But it’s kind of tough to operate Picsart apps.There are a lots of alternative is available on Play store.But I would like to suggest you to use PixalLab app to crate a Perfect frame.You have to watch the tutorial which is given below to have some knowledge about it.After creating the frame now its time to upload it on Facebook that other people also can include your created frame with their profile picture.For this you have to visit Facebook developer website.The link is given below.Click on the link and upload it.

Facebook for developer

No.3 – How to download any video from Facebook 

If you want to download any kind of video from Facebook than you have to take help from a website.First of all copy the link of the video which you want to download from Facebook.Than visit the website which is given below.After than, you will see a empty box on that website.Paste the copied link on that box.Than press enter.After some time you’ll see a download button.Click on the download button and your video will be start to download.

Facebook Video Download




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