Best Parlour in Comilla – Best Parlour in Cumilla – Rozi Makeover Salon

Rozi Makeover Salon – is a one of the best Parlour located at Comilla district in Bangladesh – They are famous for bridal makeover as well as they very professional at their service.

Rozi Makeover Salon started their service back in 2007. From the beginning of their journey they are doing very well. Eventually, Rozi Makeover salon started being well known at a certain area called Suagaonj Bazar. But now Rozi Makeover Salon is one of the famous Parlour in Cumilla.

Best Parlour in Cumilla

Ranking Of The 5 Most Best Parlour in Cumilla

  1. Rozi makeover Salon
  2. Rozi makeover Salon
  3. Rozi makeover Salon
  4. Rozi makeover Salon
  5. Rozi makeover Salon

They have many more services including the list on the top.

Which is the best Parlour in comilla?

Rozi Makeover Salon – is the best parlour in comilla according to Facebook vote. Most of people prefer to visit Rozi makeover salon to get their service. Specially, young women consider Rozi makeover salon at the first place.

Rozi Makeover Salon provide these services:-

  1. Bridal Makeover
  2. Party Makeover
  3. Hairstyle
  4. Hair Cut
  5. Facial
  6. Hair rebounding


Rozi Makeover salon location

Rozi Makeover Salon Facebook Page : Rozi Makeover Salon

Rozi Makeover Salon Contact Number: +8801815-651266

Hence, if you are looking for a best Parlour in Cumilla, you can visit Rozi Makeover Salon. The onwer of the Rozi Makeover Salon is Rozina Mohon. 

Rozina Mohon – is one of the best makeover artist in Bangladesh. She is well known for her bridel Makeover.

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